Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kitchen Appliances - Mixer Mixie/Grinder

Mixer -Mixie
Every home need to have the mixie for making any type of cuisines. So we should select cost effective mixies, but the same it should be quality. I am going to introduce a Mixie that is cost effective and can be purchased online.

Preethi Eco Plus Mixer 110v -- 3 Jars / Preethi Mixie / Preethi Blender / Preethi Mixer


Product Description
Preethi Eco Chef 3 Jar Mixer Grinder Blender Features: Preethi Mixie is known for durability and trouble-free performance Preethi Eco Chef Mixer is Quality rated ISI certified motor for long life Preethi Eco Chef Blender is a heavy duty mixer Grinder Elegant, Compact light weight and easy to use Preethi Eco Chef Blender is Fast and ensures efficient grinding Durable Stainless Steel jars are provided Preethi Eco Chef Mixie is Multiple size jars for meeting all your grinding needs Preethi Eco Chef Mixer is Wet and Dry grinding, whipping, churning Grating, Mincing, and Chopping requirements Highly durable Nylon Couplers to with stand speed and friction Preethi Eco Chef Blender is Vacuum - rubber feets to avoid vibration About Our 3 Jar Preethi Blenders/Mixer/Mixie Three Stainless Steel Jars with Electro polished Dry and Wet Blade , Mincer / Grater Blade , Compact Chutney jar Fixed blade Capacity of the Jars as follows: 1.50 ltr Jar 1.00 ltr Jar 0.40 ltr Chutney Jar All jars are fitted with handles for comfort handling Preethi Mixie / Preethi Blender / Preetthi Mixer - Eco Chef Blades: Stainless Steel Blades Power: 550 Watts 60 Hz. Voltage: 110 volts Capacity: 3 Stainless Steel Jars: 1.50 and 1.00 liters and 1 Chutney Grinder Blades: 2 interchangeable and 1 fixed Includes: Plastic stirrer and Instruction manual Weighs: 14 lbs Shipping cost is very low 4.49 only

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